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 Maximise Cost Savings 
 Reduce Downtime 
 Reduce Risk Of Stockout 
 Full Traceability (Who/What/When) 
 Secure 24/7 Tools Store 
 Powerful Reporting Software 
 Full Time Support 


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 Here's What Some Of Our Existing Customers Have To Say...... 

"In today's highly competitive cost driven market, we welcome the management time which the vend saves us."


"We chose a Mitchell Fox vending machine to help reduce our purchasing time and costs. It ensures that we always have a constant supply of our standard tools and inserts. 
Through the reports, we can instantly flag up any excessive use of tooling and control our costings more effectively"


"As well as the obvious benefits these machines can bring, we also find the reporting capabilities invaluable for traceability within our company.


"Mitchell Fox who issued the vend gave excellent thorough training to all our staff to ensure the transition from manual consignment to vend went as smoothly as possible.
Regular monitoring takes place to ensure obsolete tooling vacates the vend and min/max stockholding is adjusted to meet tooling demand.
The vend was set up with maximum focus on ease of use for operator with visual pictures of items to improve transparency."


"We find the computerised vending beneficial as our fast moving consumable items are constantly monitored with minimal management from our point of view.
There is always stock of what we require meaning minimum downtime on machining applications."

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